Looking to cut your restaurant losses?
Need to improve your customer service?
Want to increase your profitability?

Wish there is a restaurant point of sale & store management software that is affordable, easy to use, feature rich, 100% Windows based, & 100% touch operated point of sales?

You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking to implement a total restaurant POS & inventory management solution or just need a better replacement to those obsolete cash registers, we’ve got the solution that will help you complete your project & support your needs.

State of the art software solution and our expertise in the field is not all. Our software solution is also priced to be affordable. If you do a feature and price comparison with various other competing restaurant packages available on the market, we’re sure that you will be satisfied with the affordability, ease of use, system stability, and scope of features that our software solution provides.

Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition

Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is the affordable, easy to use, feature rich, and 100% multi-lingual restaurant point of sale and store management solution.

It is feature packed and is flexible enough to handle even the most demanding restaurants!

User intuitiveness and ease of use were the design principals of Aldelo For Restaurants. It is 100% 32-bit MS Windows based, and 100% touch screen operated point of sales…

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Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless PDA Edition

Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless PDA Edition is the ideal compliment to the desktop Pro or Lite editions.

Our PDA edition software allows you to wireless create and edit dine in table orders. No longer will your servers need to re-enter table side orders again at the main POS terminal.

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Aldelo Gift Certificate Server

Do you have multiple restaurant locations and need to issue, redeem, and track gift certificates from any one of your restaurant locations?

Our Aldelo Central Gift Certificate Server solution could help you centrally manage gift certificates easily.

Best of all, the gift certificate balance verification is all handled at real time via Internet TCP/IP protocol to lower your overall cost of ownership & operations…

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Aldelo Data Polling Server

What do you do when you have multiple restaurants and wish to receive their daily operations data to your central headquarters?

Our Aldelo Data Polling Utility is your solution to simplify your enterprise data polling needs.

You can use this utility to transfer each of your restaurants’ data to your enterprise headquarters automatically via email access…

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Annual Phone/Email Software Support/Update Contract

You understand the importance of automating your restaurant operations to reduce losses & increase profitability.

That’s why you have invested in the point of sale solution! Now you should protect your investments!

For as low as little over a dollar a day, you will have continuous telephone and email support coverage in case you have any technical needs on our software solution.

Additionally, with the support contract, you will also be given online password to download any new software upgrades for as long as your support contract is active…

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Restaurant Menu Programming Service

Just received your new Aldelo For Restaurants software, and need to get online with your point of sale solution fast?

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"I want to thank you for your Aldelo software solution. Setting up the menu was really easy and working with the software is a pleasure. I especially like your manual, it guides you every step of the way. My wait staff love the way the screens are designed and how easy it is to place orders. I’m looking forward to doing business with you for our next store."
-The Great American Health Bar-

"Great! Your software is the best! It is the easiest to setup, and it does not waste your time like the others. This is the real thing. The features are great. Especially the integration with the mapping software."
-Just Pizza-